Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Look out, Big Brother is watching you

An SDA will protect you from casual intrusion but not from serious security services surveillance.

As to conform to the requirements of the Homeland Security web browsers have been required to scan for suspicious activity for quite some time.

You should be aware, that because of this, your password (pin or phrase) could be compromised the first time you use it, and that it would not be necessary to decrypt the ciphered text with a "brute-force" attack.

Therefore it is pointless to discuss whether 128 bit encryption is enough or not.

A regular normal user would have nothing to worry about, but if your ambitions are of an illegal nature then you should be aware that encryption does not make it fail safe.

You have been warned.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Microsoft IE8

I just want to inform you that Microsoft has improved their JavaScript machine with introduction of Internet Explorer 8. Now the Microsoft browser is as fast as Opera or Firefox always were. Maybe they compile the JavaScript code now, I don't know.

That means, your source text can be a hundred Kbyte or more. But, be careful. Nobody knows which other spyware were included meantime. I decline any guaranties.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Security Improvement


There is an ongoing discussion about an unused opportunity for improvement. To say it clearly, security has never suffered.

Nevertheless, effective Nov. 1st, 2005 I have changed the SDA generation tool slightly to further improve the security with gain for longer passphrases. Here are the facts:

The generated random sequence has two properties, polynomials and start status. Both are calculated out of the given passphrase and have a fixed 1 to 1 relation. But for some reasons it should be a 1 to many relation.

Fixed relation between starting point and polynomials

The drawing is only to give you an imagination how the random text develops. One starting point was always connected with one and the same polynomial that generates the sequence. Imagine that two different passphrases have the same MD5. (Btw, some guys are searching for collisions). Then the same random text would be produced although this is very improbable.

With only one additional statement in the polynomial selection algorithm the number of possible random sequences increases dramatically.

Different polynomials for the certain starting points

You can compare the change against the former version in the cracker award source file which will not be changed as promised.

If there are any doubts or objections, please let me know.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


German Provider GMX has Removed the SDA Pages

The German web space provider GMX has deleted the SDA site about 4 weeks ago. In the meantime I have reconstructed the contents but with different user on the ftp server. The consequence is that the SDA award's plaintext will not recover a valid user for ftp access to the site. But as promised, the plaintext may not be changed.

To be independent of GMX in the future, the SDA location has been transferred to another server. But sure, the decrypted ftp user of SDA award's plaintext remains invalid because the site resides now at

Nevertheless, the bank account data are still correct. The amount has been increased to 1005,- Euro on reason of interest.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Communication Board

This Blogger scratch board is intended to share all information, questions and experiences concerning JavaSript SDA.

JavaScript SDA is a smart tool that protects private data in a public web. So only the authorized user (or a group of individuals) has access to these information simply by a web browser with knowledge of a passphrase. See the whole description on

Your thoughts are appreciated, please press "comments" below.

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